Megan Coburn - Founder & CEO, ParTee Golf

Special guest

Megan is a passionate entrepreneur and SheEO who works in the golf industry to help #growthegame. Megan knows that the more golf opens it’s doors to newcomers, the more the sport will grow. After working at a golf course for a year, and seeing that golf partners were often casually paired based on the whims of the tee-sheet, Megan felt there was an opening for an application helping golfers find courses, pros, and each other. This led to the development of her mobile application, ParTee: The Golfer’s Network. She has developed ParTee from the ground up, customizing each aspect of the application to the industry she had become so devoted to. After spending a year in research and development, ParTee will be releasing a full-featured version in fall of 2018.

Megan has also worked in media and marketing in fields ranging from her hometown arts non-profit (Sweet Pea Festival) to engineering.

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