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Working Through Trauma to Emerge More Resilient, Grateful and Happy - Christina Kim, LPGA Tour Pro

December 14th, 2023

"Everybody has trauma, so being able to work through that has been huge for my golf game. Funnily enough I need to remember that I'm a person before I'm a golfer. I actually experienced this with my boyfriend Andrew where I felt the roots of my trauma being ripped from my toenails and being released and set free. I became okay with saying "this is what I went through, this is a life that I've lead". There's no judgment. There's no anger. No bitterness. This is something that has happened that I needed to confront and move through"


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Christina is active on Instagram where you can follow her life experiences both on and off the course.

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Episode Chapters
[02:20] Christina's first ever golf experience as a kid and how she developed a passion for the game
[04:40] The influence Christina's dad had on her development as a young golfer
[09:50] Why Christina decided to turn pro at the age of 17
[12:00] Stories from Christina's first year as a pro in 2002
[15:30] How Colin met Christina at the 2023 CPKC Canadian Womens Open
[17:30] Christina's ability to cope with mental health issues to give her strength to face the day
[21:00] We share experiences of loss, grief and trauma that stem from unchecked mental health issues and how we both have been able to find meaning, joy and purpose in our lives
[24:00] A conversation around removing the stigma around mental health issues by helping others and allowing others to help us
[29:00] Christina's relationship with LPGA Medical Director Dr. Bruce Thomas, who she credits with "saving my life three times"
[36:00] "I am responsible for creating my own joy"
[39:30] Defining Christina's purpose and what is next for her in the years to follow after The LPGA Tour

"Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one"... Bruce Lee

Do you or someone you know struggle with anxiety, depression and/or thoughts of self-harm? Please do not feel like you or a loved one must suffer in silence as we are all connected. In the US and Canada you can speak with someone who deeply cares at the 9-8-8 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

You can also learn more about Christina on her bio page.

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