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Taking an Entrepreneurial Approach to Build a Career in Sport Journalism - Ann Liguori, Author of "Life On The Green"

May 24th, 2024

"It was tough. For every advertising sponsor that I brought in, I had a million rejections. I just persevered and ended up interviewing everybody from Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron to Wilt Chamberlain. The journey has been incredible, but I learned on the fly in a lot of ways."

Ann Liguori is a leader and trailblazer in sports broadcasting as President of Ann Liguori Productions, Inc., award-winning sport’s talk show host, public speaker, broadcaster, journalist, author and producer. Ann's latest book is Life on the Green: Lessons and Wisdom from Legends of Golf where 12 legendary players in golf share life lessons they learned from the game. Life on the Green is available on Amazon.

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"Sports Innerview was the cable show that I did for 17 years, which I was able to syndicate on all these sports cable networks around the country and that's this show that I went out and sold. MSG Network said "Ann we love your work. We hear you on FAN. We see your byline. We can give you a time slot every week on WFAN, but we can't pay you." So I went knocking down doors on Madison Avenue trying to get meetings with advertising executives and they looked at me like I had three heads. Like "Wait you're a woman and you want to host a sports show?"... Ann Liguori, President of Ann Liguori Productions, Inc.

You can also learn more about Ann on her bio page. Life on the Green is available for purchase on Amazon.

Life on the Green: Lessons and Wisdom from Legends of Golf
12 legendary players in golf share life lessons they learned from the game.

Interviewed by award-winning sports journalist and broadcaster Ann Liguori, a select list of champions including Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sorenstam, Gary Player, Jan Stephenson, Tom Watson, Padraig Harrington, Bernhard Langer, Nancy Lopez, and more, talk about their personal journeys and wisdom they gleaned from their time playing the game of golf.

Life on the Green appeals to all, going in-depth with exclusive content for die-hard fans while providing amusing anecdotes and inspirational content for everyone, humanizing and helping us understand a little bit more about each star and their success story.

Each person’s story highlights a different, central theme, allowing readers to have key takeaways and a clearer understanding of how the subject became so successful, and in turn, be inspired to utilize those life lessons towards their own lives and legacy. Encompassing universal themes like patience, goal setting, staying positive, pursuing one's passions, treating people right, never giving up, practicing humility, and more, Life on the Green inspires, entertains and enriches in equal measure.

Episode Chapters
03:20: Ann shares when she was first introduced to golf and who invited her.

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