Arjun Chowdri - Chief Innovation & Administrative Officer at The PGA of America

Special guest

Arjun is an experienced Chief Innovation & Administrative Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the sports, CPG and trade association industries. Skilled in Corporate Strategy, International Development, Growth Management, Sponsorships, Technology and Brand Marketing. He is a strong management professional with a MBA focused in Marketing from University of Oregon and BA from the University of Chicago.

Arjun currently hold two leadership roles at The PGA of America: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Chief Innovation Officer

CAO - Steward the development and execution of long-range strategic plans and objectives. This includes overseeing the coordination of resources and activities regarding mission, vision, and strategy and ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals. Additionally, this role tracks progress against intended outcomes and work with the team to adjust the organization's direction in response to changing environment.

CIO - Responsible for fostering a culture of innovation and identifying and executing against growth areas to elevate the profession and industry. This includes leading international expansion; technology; guiding the development of new initiatives and services; ; the development of best practices and research platforms; encouraging and nurturing entrepreneurship both internally and externally; and directing PGA investments and funding.

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