Dick Zokol - CEO and Founder of MindTRAK Golf

Special guest

Nicknamed "Disco Dick" after playing a 1982 PGA Tour event wearing a Sony Walkman, two-time tour winner Dick Zokol started listening to music on course to calm his hyperactive mind, which was the insight that led to the creation of MindTRAK Golf.

MindTRAK Golf is a mental performance Golf APP designed by former PGA Tour pro Dick Zokol to overcome the #golfinsanity mindset. MindTRAK brings you into the present moment helping you improve your mindset and better prepare for each shot in every round you play. https://mindtrakgolf.com/

Richard Zokol's PGA Tour career spanned over 20-years (1982-2003), winning twice while competing in 412 PGA Tour events and winning once in 53 starts on the Web.com Tour. Prior to turning pro Richard captained the BYU Golf Team to the 1981 NCAA Championship at Stanford University, that team was inducted into the Brigham Young University Sports Hall of Fame in 2009. Richard was inducted into the British Columbia Golf Hall of Fame in 2009 and the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 2011.

Richard founded & co-designed Sagebrush Golf & Sporting Club, an award winning golf course in British Columbia. Richard joined Predator Ridge Resort, in BC's beautiful Okanagan Valley in 2012, as Executive Director Golf Development and is currently the Golf & Real Estate Specialist at Predator Ridge.

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