Jess McAlister - Founder of Digital Golf Collective

Special guest

Jess McAlister is a seasoned marketer, entrepreneur, talent rep and brand development strategist with 16+ years of cross-industry expertise under her belt. With her current endeavor Digital Golf Collective, Jess and her partner have successfully grown an agency hyper-focused on the golf industry- both talent management and brand marketing. Bridging the gap, optimizing opportunities, and advising for brands, talent, and agency partners alike, Jess brings her deep-rooted entertainment, lifestyle, and sports marketing experience, relationships, and passion to DGC.

Prior to starting her first agency, Jess spent years working at top agencies in niche markets leading, overseeing, and growing celebrity relation divisions as well as business development. Along with talent management, Jess consults brands and agencies developing consumer facing marketing strategies leveraging talent, procure talent for branded campaigns, PR and social media marketing, and executes mass-market campaigns for agencies and brands. Considered a multi-hyphenate, Jess understands the bigger picture and reverse engineer a successful strategy and goals to materialize every vision.

Digital Golf Collective is a full-service marketing and talent brand management agency dedicated to managing, strategizing, scaling and monetizing your company, client, or personal brand – on and offline.

Hyper-focused on the golf industry, DGC relies on years of experience as experts in the industry to set itself apart within this wildly coveted yet enigmatically overwhelming space. Founded by 2 of the leading digital and branding leaders in golf today, DGC was born out of necessity, large scale opportunity, and passion for the greatest sport in the world.

DGC has over a decade of combined successful execution of b2b and b2c branding initiatives and monetization of go-to-market strategies for the world’s largest golf brands, golf events and tournaments, provide new age strategies for brands breaking into the golf space, emerging golf companies, professional sports talent, & media personalities alike.

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