Jon Claffey - Vice President of Marketing for Tour Edge Golf

Special guest

Over the last 17 years, Jon has proven himself to be a catalyst for success with every company for which he has worked. These companies have gone from small start-ups to major players in the sporting goods industry under his tenure due to a variety of factors. The one constant that remains the same is his boundless passion for marketing and public relations work. He was once called “the kid with the magic touch” due to his ability to get our products featured on TV, radio and in print, but really the secret was his passion for the work and loyalty to the products that he marketed.

Jon's responsibilities taught him how to be a self-motivated leader who is used to being a one-man band in charge of everything marketing under the sun, giving him the all important asset of being an expert multi-tasker with a wide variety of specialties and experiences.

His cookie jars have included the following: leading an independent sales team and training the customer service and inside sales departments, overseeing substantial PGA TOUR budgets while utilizing social media to build buzz, creating new brand identities and sales strategies, creating key relationships and writing advertising copy and press releases that inspired others to change the way they were describing their own company and products. Jon has been a trend setter in the golf industry and has the know how and the desire to bring a company to the next level.

Previously Jon was the National Director / Sales & Marketing for Volvik.

Jon Claffey - Vice President of Marketing for Tour Edge Golf has been a guest on 3 episodes.