Kelly Hunt - Founder of GolfHers

Special guest

Kelly Hunt is the Founder of Golfhers, the community and platform for female leaders in the golf industry. This platform was created because Kelly saw a need for a community that connects women in the golf industry, because so few of us exist. Women only make up about 5% of PGA Class A professionals and less than 30% of women's college teams are coached by women, which plummeted from 90% after the passing of Title IX in 1972.

It's been a mission for the PGA to get more women involved in golf. But what about women in the golf industry? We need more women filling leadership positions to be the mentors and advocates for the younger generation. This platform is not just a place to share stories; it is a place of inspiration, motivation, and empowerment through our community of Golfhers.

Kelly runs this page by herself and it is completely nonprofit. When she first started this in January of 2020, Kelly dreamed to have Golfhers merchandise available for purchase where all proceeds will fund a scholarship for the PGA/LPGA programs. Now, that dream is a reality. One day, Kelly wants Golfhers to be part of the PGA/LPGA with meetups at major events.

If you ever have feedback or want to help out and get involved in this community in any way, send Kelly an email at [email protected] or send a direct message on Instagram (@golf.hers). Any and all ideas are welcome!

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