Matt Reagan, Co-Founder at Operation 36 Golf

Special guest

Matt is the Co-Founder and General Manager at Operation 36 Golf. Operation 36 is the most effective developmental program and technology to introduce and progress beginners in playing the game of golf. The program is well known because of its very different approach to teaching beginner golfers. Traditional wisdom says new players should get private golf lessons, and stay on the practice range until they are good enough to get on the course.

Operation 36 takes the traditional model and flips it on its head. All new players begin on the course. Instead of starting at the tee box, they play from 25 yards away from the hole. Once the player shoots par (36) from 25 yards, they back up to 50 yards, and so on, until they are shooting even par (36) from the full tee box. It’s timely, it’s fun, and it provides step by step improvement.

All players are guided with the Operation 36 Mobile and Web App. The technology helps Golf Professionals deliver the program, and track their students progress through the program to guide them on their journey.

This golf program was initially seen as only a Junior Program has caught fire as the standard for introducing any beginner to the game, including adults. It is now taught by nearly 1,400 coaches across the world at over 625 facilities with over 77,000 golfers.

Matt Reagan, Co-Founder at Operation 36 Golf has been a guest on 2 episodes.