Ty DeLavallade - Founder and President of Deuce

Special guest

Founder & President of Deuce | Executive Director of the United Golfers Association | VP of Business Development at DeucePromo.com | Founder & Commissioner at DeuceAmTour.com

Deuce is entering the new decade with a golf collection that will become the preferred golf brand for fashion-forward golfers. Deuce Premium was launched by a team who felt that a better quality golf glove should be offered for the unique clientele of golfers who love to look good on and off the course. As the game of golf continues to attract more players, fashion has evolved into an essential part of the golf game.

Deuce is a upscale golf and cigar accessory company that can designs golf accessories for every golfer. We customize golf gloves to fit the identity of your event brands, university golf teams, corporate outings, affinity organizations, or golf course/country club. We will also offer seasonal and limited-edition glove, hat, and belt combinations. Deuce Premium will reflect everything that the game of golf is becoming; inclusive, exciting, daring, and bold!

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