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Creating the "Uber of The Golf Industry" - Pascal Stolz / eGull Pay (032)

March 19th, 2018

As we met for the first time at The PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, eGull Inc's CEO Pascal Stolz smiles confidently before speaking. His decades of entrepreneurial experience at both TaylorMade and Cobra Golf, combined with his tech startup efforts in Silicone Valley had prepared him for this moment. The moment when eGull Pay was about to step out of the startup shadows and offer the entire golf industry a Blue Ocean Strategy solution that solves one of the game's major pain points: TIME

Just like Uber and Lyft - where you can see in real time where your ride is - eGull Pay is built on the same principles to optimize existing physical assets and create a more customized experience for the consumer.

Once logged-in and issued a code by the golf course, the eGull Pay App enables GPS tracking and follows the player during their round. eGull Pay overlays the golfer's path over precise geo-coordinates to know how many holes have been played. When leaving the course the golfer is billed only for what they played, with no need to go back to the pro-shop.

eGull Pay Pascal Stolz

Pascal at The PGA Show
eGull Inc CEO Pascal Stolz (left) at The 2018 PGA Merchandise Show

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