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Telling Impactful Stories That Build Community Beyond Golf - YuChiang Cheng / President, Topgolf Media (033)

March 27th, 2018

On this week's episode of The ModGolf Podcast, host Colin Weston sits down with Topgolf Media President YuChiang Cheng to learn how his team is tasked with striking the balance between rapid physical and technological expansion while conveying the consistent message that speaks to the quality, culture and purpose of their brand.

Topgolf now has 41 US venues that served over 13 million customers in 2017...and growing. They are expanding globally, starting with Australia, Mexico, Canada and Dubai, along with bringing to market complimentary products, services and experiences.

Topgolf Media has been entrusted to not only tell the Topgolf story, but to create innovative brand-extending content such as Topgolf Tour, Chef Showdown, The Hook and the In Focus series. Topgolf Media also helps facilitate new market growth with products such as Topgolf Swing Suites, TopTracer, TopTracer Range and Topgolf Crush.

YuChiang shares how his personal entrepreneurial journey of experimentation, curiosity and the occasional failure has shaped his leadership style that encourages staff members to embrace a startup mindset that looks for new opportunities to make things better.

YuChiang Cheng

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