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Harnessing Technology to Transform One of Golf's Great Traditions - Dave Cavossa / CaddieNow (035)

April 9th, 2018

Dave Cavossa could have played it safe. He had a very successful professional career that would have carried him comfortably into retirement. But Dave's unrelenting desire to create something impactful gave him the courage to step outside his comfort zone, act on an opportunity and begin his entrepreneurial journey. This journey led to the creation of CaddieNow, a technology-based "Uber for Caddying" that aligns with a largely untapped, on-demand, young, mobile labour force.

CaddieNow is dedicated to bringing caddies (loopers) back to the game and giving every golfer the option of taking a caddie at every course. CaddieNow enables everyone to "Play Like the Pros," exercise more, and help employ and grow the game with the crucial 14-20 year-old demographic.


Topics discussed in this episode include:

• Dave's love of golf and experience caddying as a young adult that have both informed and inspired the creation of CaddieNow.

• How CaddieNow has created a Blue Ocean Strategy that looks outside the golf industry for a business roadmap that opens up an uncontested market space.

• CaddieNow's ability to build a three-sided marketplace, solving problems and creating opportunities for golf course operators, golfers and on-demand caddies.

• How CaddieNow embraced The Lean Startup Methodology when they launched in 2016 by starting with a "Minimal Viable Product" in the Washington DC golf market. After their first year of using the build/test/measure/learn feedback loop of validated learning, CaddieNow refined and enhanced their product offering before scaling up to over 100 golf courses nationwide in 2017. CaddieNow will more than double the number of golf courses offering their on-demand caddie booking service in 2018, positioning themselves to scale across the 15,000 golf courses in the US.

You can watch The CaddieNow Explainer YouTube video >> here

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