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Creating A Golf Education Culture That Is Different, Daring and Diverse - Dr. Christopher Cain / PGA Golf Management University Program at UNLV (036)

April 16th, 2018

Striving for excellence and the pursuit of unending improvement is what drives Dr. Christopher Cain as Director of The PGA Golf Management University Program at UNLV. Their program is cultivating the next generation of industry leaders by connecting students to community building opportunities that benefit the business of golf.

Dr. Christopher Cain UNLV

Episode Highlights:

• How Topgolf and competitors like Drive Shack and Flying Tee have created gamified hospitality experiences that appeal to both golfers and non-golfers to help spearhead what Chris refers to as "Golf's Renaissance".

• Chris and Colin discuss Simon Sinek's TEDx talk "Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action" and how golf industry leaders would benefit from aligning their organizational culture with this mindset. You can watch Simon Sinek's YouTube video >> here

• How the UNLV mantra of "Differnt. Daring. Diverse." has helped create an inclusive and purpose-driven culture at The PGA Golf Management University Program.

• Discussing the ways golf looks to innovate and maintain its long term sustainability without disrupting the traditions of the game.

• How The Major Series of Putting in Las Vegas not only levels the competitive playing field between men and women, it also serves as a test lab for the development of "skills-based gaming".

• Chris shares his excitement for the opening of their new Center for PGA Golf Management, named in honor of their golf coach Dwaine Knight.

Simon Sinek
"People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it"... Simon Sinek

If you or one of your high school age children are interested in learning more about The PGA Golf Management Program at UNLV, have a look at their Facebook page and website