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Transforming a Golf Course Friendship Into A Deliciously Innovative Business Model - Dennis Riedel / Chef's Cut Real Jerky (037)

April 23rd, 2018

Today’s guest is Dennis Riedel, Co-Founder of Chef's Cut Real Jerky. Our conversation is all about innovation in the food space and it's connectivity to the golfer's experience. Host Colin Weston learns how a couple of golf buddies combine their culinary and entrepreneurial talents to create a high protein, preservative-free snack line that rethinks what you eat at the turn.

Dennis Riedel

Chef's Cut Real Jerky

In this episode we learn:

• The value of having a co-founder with opposing skill sets, but with an aligned passion for the sustainable culture and vision of the company.

• That without meticulous execution, attention to detail and an unrelenting focus on quality. the most innovative company will not thrive and scale.

• The challenges faced and the difficult choices to be made by all successful startups as they quickly grow, whether they're in the tech sector or the food industry.

Chefs Cut PGA Show
Blair, Colin and Dennis at the Chef's Cut Real Jerky booth - 2018 PGA Show

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