The ModGolf Podcast

BONUS Episode: Season 3 Wrap Up / Season 4 Preview

May 15th, 2018

We finished up Season 3 a couple of weeks ago and our team is working hard developing the next twelve episodes for Season 4, which launches on May 29. Looking back at Season 3, we consider this engaging batch of episodes to be the turning point for The ModGolf Podcast.

We heard some amazing stories from a diverse group of guests who discussed how technology, entertainment experiences, music, celebrity, hospitality and community building combine and intersect to shape the future of golf.

If you didn’t get the chance to listen to all of our 12 Season 3 episodes, here’s a recap of the great conversations I had over the past three months.

Season 3 wrap up

Our Season 3 guests were:

Episode 1
Sal Syed / Arccos Golf CEO and Co-Founder
Harnessing Big Data, Machine Learning and AI to Create a Paradigm Shift in Golf Game Improvement

Episode 2
Dean Reinmuth / The "Dean of Golf"
Stories From Four Decades Passionately Dedicated To Golf Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Episode 3
Dr. Michael Cooper / Chairman of the GOLF 20/20 Diversity Task Force
Transforming The Golf Industry to Align With a Changing World

Episode 4
Pete Charleston / GolfLogix Co-Founder and President
Empowering All Golfers To Read Greens Like A Pro

Episode 5
Sandy Cross, Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion for The PGA of America
"You're Invited!" Growing Golf With the Power of Diversity and Inclusion

Episode 6
Alex Myers / Golf Digest Senior Writer and Host of The Grind
Expanding Golf's Fanbase by Not Taking The Game So Seriously

Episode 7
Pascal Stolz / CEO of eGull Pay
Creating the Uber of The Golf Industry

Episode 8
YuChiang Cheng / President, Topgolf Media
Telling Impactful Stories That Build Community Beyond Golf

Episode 9
Tajma Brown and Rechel Mabee, PGA WORKS and PGA REACH
Attracting and Nurturing Diverse Talent To Ensure a Strong Future For The Golf Industry

Episode 10
Dave Cavossa / Founder & CEO of CaddieNow
Harnessing Technology to Transform One of Golf's Great Traditions

Episode 11
Dr. Christopher Cain / Director, PGA Golf Management University Program at UNLV
Creating A Golf Education Culture That Is Different, Daring and Diverse

Episode 12
Dennis Riedel / Co-Founder of Chef's Cut Real Jerky
Transforming a Golf Course Friendship Into A Deliciously Innovative Business Model