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Harnessing Big Data, Machine Learning and AI to Create a Paradigm Shift in Golf Game Improvement - Sal Syed / Arccos Golf (026)

February 1st, 2018

The pioneer of Connected Golf, Sal Syed is the CEO and Co-Founder of Arccos - the leading provider of big data, advanced analytics and machine learning insights for the global golf industry.

First launched in late 2014, their patented, GPS-based, hardware and software system has automatically recorded more than 60 million shots taken by golfers playing on courses worldwide.

By seamlessly analyzing each shot in real time, Arccos provides powerful, data-driven insights that help golfers of all skill levels measurably improve their performance by going beyond guesswork.

To learn more, check out our "Arccos Golf demo at The 2018 PGA Show" on The ModGolf Podcast YouTube channel.

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Arccos Golf Booth at The 2018 PGA Show

Named after the inverse cosine function – an element of advanced mathematics that is featured in the Arccos algorithm – their business and system have repeatedly been honored by leading media and business organizations.

In this episode host Colin Weston speaks with Sal about his entrepreneurial journey, the creation of Arccos Golf and the passionate culture he has created that inspires their entire team to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset that constantly strives to innovate, experiment with and iterate their game improvement experience.

While Sal was earning his MBA at the Yale University School of Management, he met co-founder Clinton Grusd, who worked to develop the foundation of the business and product concepts, plans and strategies that are used by Arccos.

They realized that golf was lacking a high-performing, comprehensive tool to track and analyze a golfer’s game and improve decision-making on the course. They set out build a solution to crack this pain point that has changed the way we think about and play golf.

Arccos Golf on The ModGolf Podcast

To learn more about Arccos Golf, go to their website and social media feeds:

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Twitter: @ArccosGolf
Facebook: @arccosgolf
Youtube: Arccos Golf: Connect to Your Game