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"Levelling The Playing Field" - Part 2 of The Major Series of Putting Championships (025)

December 31st, 2017

MSOP Part 2

So that’s a wrap for Season Two of The ModGolf Podcast. I want to thank each and everyone of my guests that have shared their unique and diverse stories on our first 25 episodes in 2017. Without you, The ModGolf Podcast wouldn’t exist. But most our all, i want to thank our listeners - our ModGolfers as we’ve grown to call you - for your support and feedback. We are closing in on 5,000 downloads and we are grateful for the positive response we’ve received since launching back in May. If you have any ideas for future episodes or a guest you’d like me to interview, tweet us @modgolfpodcast to share your thoughts.

We’re now going to take a couple of weeks off to develop Season Three, which we’ll startup up in late January. We already have some great guests with engaging stories lined up, along with the plan to finding the newest and brightest golf innovations while we attend the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

Speaking of the PGA Show, I’ll be there moderating “The Golf Disruptors Panel” on January 24, where I sit down with five of my previous episode guests to discuss their entrepreneurial journey. If you plan on being at The PGA Show, please join us if you want to hear some inspirational stories and learn how you can transform your business approach to become more innovative and entrepreneurial.

We just launched our ModGolf Podcast YouTube channel, where we’ve posted videos from the MSOP Championships, including a Stadium Tour and a Skills Based Gaming Putting Demonstration.

I’m your host, Colin Weston and I wish all of you a prosperous, innovative and exciting 2018. We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more stories covering the innovative future of the game we love. See you then!

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