The ModGolf Podcast

Passionately Advocating For Golfers of All Abilities - Gianna Rojas / Adaptive Golfers (039)

June 6th, 2018

On this week's episode, host Colin Weston speaks with Adaptive Golfers Founder Gianna Rojas, whose mission is to "Bring The Game of Golf To All Different Abilities". Gianna shares her entrepreneurial and personal journey through her work with The March of Dimes and defined by her discovery and love of golf, which ultimately lead to the creation of her non-profit organization.

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About This Episode
• Gianna starts her story at birth, when she was born without fingers on her left hand. She shares the pain of childhood isolation and bullying due to her physical challenge, which eventually became a source of strength once she became The March of Dimes poster child.

• We learn how the support of her husband, friends and a meeting with Arnold Palmer gave Gianna the confidence to embace her calling to create Adaptive Golfers.

• Gianna shares the touching story of David Finn, a wheelchair-bound golf nut who gets the chance to take - and make - a putt for the very first time. You can watch the video of David draining that putt here.

You can learn more about the impactful work Gianna is doing with Adaptive Golfers here along with the opportunity to donate to this life-changing initiative.