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RISE WITH US. Stories From The Special Olympics USA Games Golf Event (044)

July 17th, 2018

Colin travels to Seattle WA for The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games Golf event held at The Willows Run Golf Courses, where he speaks to the athletes, parents, volunteers and coaches to experience the pure, unfiltered energy and joy that is felt with every single swing of the club.

"The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games showcased the abilities of athletes with intellectual disabilities, promoted the ideals of acceptance and inclusion through sport, and celebrated the transformative power of Special Olympics". - Beth Knox, President and CEO, 2018 Special Olympics USA Games

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Episode Highlights

Colin Interviewing North Carolina Special Olympics Athlete Andro Keck

Rhode Island Level 1 Competitor Keith Wilcox Jr. and His Parents

Event Organizer Alana Brahler Spent Hours Each Day Handwriting Scores

Level 1 Competitor Tony Beauchaine From North Carolina

KPMG caddie volunteers Chris Broda and Thomas Bergamasco

Hole In One! Kentucky Level 3 Players Dennis Gaines and John Mullins

Level 4 Athlete Andro Keck and His Coach Vince Powierski