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Creating Engaging Content That Attracts A Diverse Golf Audience - Aimee Cho / YouTube Golf Instructor and Social Media Influencer (043)

July 2nd, 2018

On this week's episode, host Colin Weston speaks with Aimee Cho, star of the golf instruction YouTube Channel "Golf With Aimee".

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Episode Highlights
• Aimee shares her early days in golf, including the first time she picked up a club with her dad growing up in Orlando and her college playing days at The University of Florida.
• Aimee's "AHA" moment which led to giving her the courage to launch the "Golf With Aimee" YouTube Channel.
• Aimee shares her thoughts on the future of golf, especially the women's game and her place in it.

Aimee and Colin meeting at The 2018 PGA Show Demo Day in Orlando