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Building Resiliency By Expressing Gratitude and Celebrating The Small Wins - Nick Steiner, Founder of Back2Basics Golf

December 16th, 2020

On this episode host Colin Weston speaks with Back2Basics Golf Founder Nick Steiner to learn insights from his entrepreneurial journey that has taken him from San Diego scooter culture to Australia's Gold Coast.

“The satisfaction that you get once things grow is really rewarding. Something else that I’ve come back to a lot lately is to really enjoy the process, taking each day just to be happy in the moment and have fun. It’s the little things overall that do bring the most happiness to me like the product being enhanced or an email of how we’ve helped improve someone’s game. All these things define the success that I continue to look at more and more. Acquisition and other milestones down the road, those are great and what we are striving for but when we look back and connect the dots, it’s the little moments that led you there, it’s the breakthroughs that you had, it’s the hard things that you got over that make the entire process worth it.".... Nick Steiner, Founder of Back2Basics Golf

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