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Sharing Stories From Her Journey As A New Golfer - Alissa Kacar @newladygolfer

December 23rd, 2020

“Whether you can hit the ball a mile or if you can barely hit it off the tee, you need to create an environment for newcomers to the game that is relaxed and fun. Otherwise it’s not going to keep people coming back. New golfer and social media host Alissa Kacar @newladygolfer joins us to share her journey and thoughts on how to make the game more welcoming for everyone.

“If someone is spending their day off on the golf course, they’re not going to dedicate their time doing something that isn’t enjoyable and fun. When I’m there playing with someone that’s new to the game, I always remember back to me being brand new and I always conduct myself the way that I was treated because it way very helped and built my confidence the way people were encouraging and patient with me. Golf is so humbling that you can duff one off the tee - she’s brand new to the game so she could miss the ball - I’m just as capable of doing the same thing two and a half years in! Golf is very humbling that way, just when you think you’ve got it figured out it will remind you that you do not.”

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To learn more about Alissa check out her bio page and her @newladygolf Instagram.

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