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How Artificial Intelligence Makes Golf Improvement Accessible For Everyone - Broderick Higby, Creator of Golf AI

January 5th, 2021

"There are so many people in golf in San Diego and everyone is out here trying to grow the game. We're all working together in golf to make others able to see what the game is really about, how much fun it is and how much you grow as a person. Talking about the golf feedback loop, imagine what you think the shot is going to do, take it then see where it actually went and then reflect on why it went that way. This applies to life and I think if people were to adopt golf as a widespread sport and continue to grow it, it would be better for humanity."

We sit down with Golf AI Creator Broderick Higby to learn how Artificial Intelligence is making golf improvement and swing analysis accessible for everyone.

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To learn more about Golf AI and to download the Golf AI app on your iPhone (Android version coming soon!), visit their website at

To learn more about Broderick check out his bio page and LinkedIn profile.

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