Broderick Higby - Creator of Golf AI

Special guest

Broderick is the Founder of DataHinge and creator of Golf AI, using computer vision to help improve golfer’s swings.
Golf AI is the first app to introduce artificial intelligence into golf improvement. Their innovative technology uses an advanced golf swing video analysis software to improve your golf swing using only your smartphone’s camera. The app analyzes your swing instantly and offers you drills and tips that are specifically tailored to help improve your swing technique. We also help you track your progress over time, so you know if you’re getting better. No need to watch golf training videos online or spend unnecessary money on extra training aids. Golf AI makes it simple to start playing and get better!

Golf improvement made easy. Golf AI's sport analysis lets you fix your golf swing using just your phone!

To learn more about Golf AI and to download the Golf AI app on your iPhone (Android version coming soon!), visit their website at

CTO, Co-Founder of Sapie Space
Finds the best influencer online to promote your startup. Marketing your startup is more effective if someone from your users’ demographic endorses your product. We had over $6k in revenue after just the second month and were bought by a private investor in July 2018.
Our team used unsupervised learning (apriori association analysis) to find the most targeted individual in a social network with less than 100k followers that could promote a product. Our site was built on Node.js and React with AWS EC2, AWS Cognito, AWS Comprehend, AWS Rekognition, AWS RedShift, S3, and DynamoDB.

United States Air Force - Director Data Science
Stood up a platform for the Air Force to evaluate how much available manpower they had at a base, so they could properly allocate resources. The data analysis research I performed using this platform led to discoveries in faults with pilots not getting medical exams done in a timely manner. This research saved the Air Force over $2 million and March Air Reserve Base was able to employ a full time doctor.
I also built an enterprise version of Facebook so that a base could quickly connect and reach out to its members. It had chat, news feed, and a Stack Overflow like Q&A. It was built on Django, deployed on Government EC2 server with load balancing, multi-layer encryption, and SQL and No-SQL servers.

Additionally, I built an anonymous live polling app for the Air Force, because Airman didn’t feel like they could ask questions during meetings with hundreds of people. Members uploaded presentations, people could view them live on their phones, and answer anonymous polls that would populate graphs in real time. The platform was built on Node.JS, Django, and AWS EC2. The platform is used during briefings with over 500+ people in an auditorium and the success of the design and implementation led to free-flowing communication, and changes to healthcare, finance, and flying operations at March Air Reserve Base.

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