The ModGolf Podcast

Season 8 Wrap-up / Season 9 Preview

February 5th, 2021

That's a wrap for Season 8 of The ModGolf Podcast! Our passionate team of content creators are currently working on your next twelve episodes for Season 9, which launches February 19 2021. We heard some amazing stories from a diverse group of guests who discussed how inclusion, technology, entertainment, music, celebrity, hospitality and community building intersect to shape the future of golf.

If you didn’t get the chance to listen to all of our ten Season 8 episodes, this bonus show gives you a recap of the great conversations I had with some of the golf industry's top influencers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Hopefullly this will inspire you to listen to a couple of the episodes listed below.

Our Season 8 guests were:

Episode 1
Terry Koehler - Edison Golf Chairman and Director of Innovation
Applying 40 Years of Golf Entrepreneurship to Innovate Wedge Design

Episode 2
Malcolm Scovil - Founder of Imagine Golf
Building Educational and Entertaining Content For Passionate Consumers

Episode 3
Kat and Is Shee - "The Shee Sisters" Social Media Golf Influencers
Harnessing a Love For Golf To Fuel Their Entrepreneurial Hustle

Episode 4
Robert Sereci - GM/COO at Medinah Country Club
Applying a Startup Mindset To Innovate Club Experiences

Episode 5
Reid Fowler - PGA Fantasy & Betting Analyst for DraftKings
Powering PGA Tour Fan Engagement To Expand Tournament Viewership

Episode 6
Scott Moore - Golf Product Manager for Garmin International
How a Human-Centered Design Approach Leads To Innovate Golf Products

Episode 7
David Grieshaber - Chief Information Officer at Gamerz Golf
Creating The Next Generation of Golf Entertainment Experiences

Episode 8
Charles Dillahunt - The PGA of America's Strategic Adjunct to the Chief Executive and Chief People Officers
Breaking Down Barriers in Golf by Engaging The Unengaged

Episode 9
Nick Steiner - Founder, Back2Basics Golf
Building Resiliency by Expressing Gratitude and Celebrating The Small Wins

Episode 10
Alissa Kacar - Social Media Host @NewLadyGolfer
Sharing Stories From Her Journey as a New Golfer

Episode 11
Broderick Higby - Creator of Golf AI and The Golf AI App
How Artificial Intelligence Makes Golf Improvement Accessible For Everyone

Episode 12
Tadd Fujikawa - Pro Golfer and LGBTQ+ Spokesperson
Finding Happiness and Balance in Both Golf and Life

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