The ModGolf Podcast

Combining His Love of Golf and Entrepreneurship - Markus Westerberg, Co-Founder of deWiz

September 15th, 2022

"I can only do so much and I am happy to let in anyone who can help us and who knows their area of expertise better than me. There's no ego motivation here. We just want to help golfers get better, grow the company and reach out to more golfers. We have the love of the game and that's our driving force. I think that's a strength that we have, the strength to know what we don't know and not have the vanity of trying to show something else." - deWiz Co-Founder Markus Westerberg

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"I started that round with an incredible start and have learned through experience not to then play conservatively in order to protect a good score. Hitting "pause" and trying to get off the golf course by making pars is the wrong mindset. If you do that you are sure to make bogeys so I knew I had to push myself. So I kept pushing and pushing into that "Zone of Discomfort", didn't bail on myself throughout the round and gave myself a chance to shoot 59 with a putt on 18. I'm really proud of that round as it was a magically exhilarating experience."

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"We launched about a year ago and today and we are now 14 employees in the company. I'm not saying that we built deWiz all by ourselves. We are team players. I know some things and I don't know a lot of other things". I know golf and I've learned a lot about tech. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology, which ties in very good to deWiz."

You can also connect with Markus on his bio page, along with checking out the deWiz website.

"Golf is an individual sport but no single tour golfer is out there alone. There is a family behind them, friends, a manager and multiple coaches that make up the team. So to suceed, you have to be able to handle your team regarding the physical, mental, financial and logistical challenges that arise. Golf is a brutal game and it's a game about managing mistakes. Looking at a professional golf career, you have more failures than successes and that gives you a thick skin that builds up your resilience. Golf gives you a North Star to define what success means to you and to appreciate the journey. You have to truly love the game, whether it's the game of entrepreneurship or the game of golf. And when you do that, I believe you will end up in good places."

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