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Building a Bridge That Connects Golfers, Caddies and Clubs - Brett Jaffee, Co-Founder of Caddy Time

September 26th, 2022

"Caddies are wonderful for golf and yet only available one percent or less of the time. To the everyday golfer like myself, caddies were never offered to me. No matter what your reason for playing golf, a caddy enhances it." - Caddy Time Co-Founder Brett Jaffee

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"Sometimes golfers need a competitive caddy, but also there are huge benefits to enhance the experience for senior's play, junior play, woman's play and beginner golfers. Caddies are a terrific bridge to the golf facility."

"Talking to golfers, course operators and caddies led us to create an instrument where people could connect with the golf-savvy community. Professional and recreational golfers would be able to add a caddy to any golf outing that they chose and that's where Caddy Time came from. Where Caddy Time adds value is as an on-demand caddy platform that delivers the highest quality caddy to whatever that golfer needs."

Click on the image below to watch our extended conversation with Brett on our Youtube Channel!

You can also connect with Brett on his bio page, along with checking out the Caddy Time website.


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