016: Eric Crawford / CEO of GolfTourney.com - Creating A Frictionless Experience That Connects Golfers To Tournaments

October 3rd, 2017 · 32 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

In 2008, Eric Crawford had an "AHA" moment. He and his three brothers would regularly play in golf events around Iowa. They would play mostly four person best shots and stroke play tournaments. In order to find these golf events they would have to sift through a stack of papers. Back then golf courses would type up a bulletin that includes the events for that year and they would send those bulletins out to all of the golf courses in the area.

Eric told his brothers, “There has to be a website for this!” so he went home and checked. There were various websites that had a few golf events listed, with the biggest one having only 300 events on it! This gap in the marketplace and opportunity to connect eager golfers with unfilled tournament and charity events led to the creation of GolfTournery.com. After an exhaustive three year study and product development, GolfTourney.com found that there are an average of 8 golf tournaments per golf course per season, revealing that there are over 200,000 golf tournaments in the United States each year!

GolfTourney.com is dedicated to helping golfers find golf tournaments, by creating the seamless integration of the classic game of golf with their user-friendly technology platform. With GolfTourney.com any player, beginner to life long diehard, high handicap or low, can search and find local amateur golf tournaments in their area, state or country. GolfTourney.com is establishing itself as the brand golfers think of when seeking golf tournaments, finding tournament playing partners, course information and connecting with their golf community. GolfTourney.com is currently expanding their service offering by creating a "Vendor Marketplace", where they match event coordinators with golf courses looking to host tournaments.

So what is GolfTourmey.com? Here's their explainer video.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PHiG_PlIdY

You can download GolfTourney.com and create a free account to your smart phone and mobile device for either iOS or Android. For your desktop browser, go to www.golftourney.com

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