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The Links At Petco Park: Creating Fun Golf Experiences - Nate Adelman / Callaway Golf (017)

October 9th, 2017

In 2014 the San Diego Padres approached Callaway Golf with the opportunity to create a golf experience in their ball park. They had no idea what this could look like, but rather than politely dismiss the request, Callaway embraced an entrepreneurial/startup/innovation mindset to collaborate and co-create what has become "The Links at Petco Park".

Now in its third year, #TheLinksAtPetco has grown in both size and sophistication. Callaway keeps raising the bar on player engagement and experience to make this a truly unique event that serves as a platform to help grow the game and give back to the community through their charity partnerships.

This YouTube video covers the 2016 #TheLinksAtPetco experience....

Episode Highlights include:

01:52 - 03:14 Nate gives us an overview of The Links At Petco Park.
03:20 - 04:24 We learn the gameplay format and experiential qualities offered at #TheLinksAtPetco
04:51 - 08:40 Nate walks us through the player's "Day at Petco Park" experience and Callaway's "Grow The Game" initiatives.
08:52 - 10:35 The progression and growth in popularity as The Links At Petco Park enters its third year.
11:10 - 13:49 The charity platform #TheLinksAtPetco creates, which supports Callaway's desire to give back to the local San Diego community.
14:18 - 18:48 Nate tells the "AHA Moment" story of how The Links At Petco Park came to be.
18:48 - 21:48 Colin and Nate discuss Callaway's company culture that supports innovation and the startup mindset.
21:48 - 24:52 Nate's "Intrapreneur" role at Callaway and culture of trust that allows people to take risks in a safe and supportive environment.
24:53 - 28:14 How Callaway has applied "Lean Startup Methodologies" over three years to eliminate or alter what hasn't worked and enhance the elements that have.
28:15 - 32:06 Callaway's dilemma to scale #TheLinksAtPetco up to a multi-stadium offering across the US or to focus on making this annual event experience the best in market.
32:07 - 34:41 Colin refers to Simon Sinek's TEDx talk "Start With Why" to explore the Callaway culture that motivates them to connect with their customer and help grow the game.
34:42 - 36:43 How The Links At Petco Park encourages beginners to participate by creating a fun, non-intimidating environment that everyone can enjoy.