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Harnessing The Power of Technology To Help Grow Golf - 020: Eddy Lui / 18Birdies (020)

November 7th, 2017

Since their concept launch at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, 18Birdies has emerged as the dominant golf mobile app with over 750,000 users and growing. With their clear mission to "Inspire golfers of all generations to enhance their game, share their experiences with friends, and increase their enjoyment of golf", 18Birdies has successfully aligned the game with the lifestyle habits of a younger audience.

Sharing the belief that technology can make a huge difference in elevating the game of golf, 18Birdies creates more ways to conveniently enjoy golf by looking to enhance and improve the entire golfing experience. Eddy realized "technology could make golf more accessible, engaging, social and fun, so when you bring all these elements together you can reshape how the game is played, perceived and experienced. To fundamentally change golf you need connectivity and integration for everything and everyone on the same platform in order for the magic to happen".

There are golf apps out there that focus on one aspect of the game, but Eddy realized that to truly succeed, a mobile golf app needed to "close the circle by connecting everyone in the golf industry". 18Birdies set out to create the big, ambitious vision with a platform that delivers everything that golf can possibly do.

To learn more about 18Birdies, visit their website and download their free app for either iOS or Android.

Twitter: @18BirdiesApp
Facebook: @18birdies
Instagram: 18birdiesapp

In this episode you'll learn:

• Eddy’s “AHA” moment and the inspiration for creating 18Birdies.
• The golf problem 18Birdies looked to solve by harnessing the power of technology to create fun, social and globally connected experiences.
• How customer feedback revealed the popularity of realtime gaming and betting during your golf round as the key to driving growth.
• The importance of building a powerful brand that reflects your purpose and culture.
• Identifying what value 18Birdies can bring to each user and partner, then stringing them all together.
• Creating the one portal that manages everything a user does across their golf life.
• “Every hole is a new game” - Eddy describes how Game Bets and Targets work.
• The gamification of 18Birdies through Dream Games and Golf Bucks.
• Launching the concept of 18Birdies at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.
• The power of partnership like they have with NextGenGolf to propel themselves forward.
• The 18Birdies team and the entrepreneurial culture that passionately inspires them to build best golf experiences possible.
• Supporting their remote, high-performance corporate teams based in Oakland and Shanghai
• Next steps - the future of 18Birdies in 2018 and beyond.