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Episode Archive

123 episodes of The ModGolf Podcast since the first episode, which aired on April 26th, 2017.

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    Building The Wakanda For Young Black Golfers - Andy Walker, Director of The UGA Academy & Player Development

    April 10th, 2021  |  Season 9  |  38 mins 50 secs
    #growgolf, black golfers, black lives matter, british columbia golf, cameron champ, entrepreneurship, future of golf, golf canada, golf channel, harold varner, innovation, lee elder, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, pga, pga of america, pga works, stephen curry, the masters, tiger woods, uga, united golfers association, we are golf

    "It's so much bigger than just the technology involved. When we talk about creating The Wakanda For Golf, we're referring to Black Panther which was such a hit for people of colour because for the first time there's a hero that looks like us. Now talented young black golfers are going to be inspired by seeing people that look and talk like them, who are competing, practicing and grinding on their game." Andy Walker, Director of The UGA Academy & Player Development joins us to share how he's passionately giving back to the game he loves.

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    The Journey To Create The World’s First 3D Printed Putter - Mike Yagley, VP of Innovation at COBRA PUMA Golf

    March 27th, 2021  |  Season 9  |  43 mins 31 secs
    3d printing, arccos golf, british columbia golf, bryson dechambeau, cobra puma golf, future of golf, golf, golf canada, golf channel, innovation, mike yagley, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, rickie fowler

    "One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing is that you can create objects that cannot be made with conventional casting, forging and machining as we now can put complex components inside the putter head. It's physically impossible to do this using traditional processes". We sit down with COBRA PUMA Golf VP of Innovation Mike Yagley to learn the how and why behind the creation of the 3D printed Supersport-35 putter.

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    Creating a Business Model That Makes Golf Accessible to Everyone - Kathy Erikson, The Short Game Place

    March 16th, 2021  |  Season 9  |  33 mins 21 secs
    british columbia golf, future of golf, golf, golf canada, golf channel, innovation, kathy erikson, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, pga of america, the short game place, usga

    "This is not Putt-Putt on steroids. This is real golf. Indoor par 2 holes that make the game welcoming for everyone at any skill level". We sit down with Kathy Erikson to learn about the passion that drives her to create an indoor golf arena that started with an AHA moment almost thirty years ago.

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    Understanding Customer Needs To Create Value For The Golf Industry - James Cronk, Co-Founder of Golf Industry Guru

    March 3rd, 2021  |  Season 9  |  41 mins 29 secs
    british columbia golf, future of golf, gcsaa, golf, golf canada, golf channel, golf industry guru, innovation, james cronk, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, ngcoa, pga of america, usga

    "I'm pretty good at dreaming stuff up, but more importantly you need to be able to execute, to make stuff happen." We sit down with Golf Industry Guru Co-Founder James Cronk to learn how his team puts the customer first to create new value in a traditional market space.

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    Building a Business That Helps People Fall In Love With Golf - Dr. Greta Anderson, Founder of Dr. Greta Golf

    February 23rd, 2021  |  Season 9  |  38 mins 26 secs
    black entrepreneurs, black golfers, black history month, diversity and inclusion, dr greta golf, future of golf, golf, golf channel, greta anderson, innovation, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, pga of america, pga tour, racial justice

    "I love when people want to learn golf. That's exciting to me. I feel that a big part of my job is like Love Connection. What I do is help people fall in love with golf." To open Season 9, host Colin Weston is joined by LPGA Teaching Professional Dr. Greta Anderson - Founder of Dr. Greta Golf - to learn how she applies her PhD in Higher Learning and voracious curiosity to help students understand the WHY.

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    Season 8 Wrap-up / Season 9 Preview

    February 5th, 2021  |  Season 8  |  18 mins 50 secs
    alissa kacar, back2basics golf, diversity and inclusion, draftkings, edison wedges, future of golf, gamerz golf, garmin, golf, golf ai, golf channel, imagine golf, innovation, lgbtq, lgbtq rights, medinah country club, mental health, mental health awareness, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, newladygolfer, pga of america, pga tour, robert sereci, shee golfs, shee sisters, tadd fujikawa

    Host Colin Weston recaps the best from each of our twelve Season 8 guests, along with a preview of Season 9 which will premiere February 19 2021.

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    Finding Happiness and Balance in Both Life and Golf - Tadd Fujikawa, Pro Golfer and LGBTQ+ Spokesperson

    January 20th, 2021  |  Season 8  |  32 mins 50 secs
    diversity and inclusion, future of golf, golf, golf channel, innovation, lgbtq, lgbtq rights, mental health, mental health awareness, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, pga tour, tadd fujikawa

    "The journey I’ve been on since coming out has been very good. My golf game isn’t quite where I want it to be but I can say that I’ve never been happier and my mental health has never been better." On our final Season 8 episode, Pro Golfer and LGBTQ+ Spokesperson Tadd Fujikawa shares his personal journey of courage, love and authenticity.

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    How Artificial Intelligence Makes Golf Improvement Accessible For Everyone - Broderick Higby, Creator of Golf AI

    January 5th, 2021  |  Season 8  |  34 mins 36 secs
    artificial intelligence, beginner golf, entrepreneurship, future of golf, golf, golf ai, golf ai app, golf app, golf channel, golf technology, innovation, machine learning, modgolf, modgolfpodcast

    "Imagine what you think the golf shot is going to do, take it then see where it actually went and then reflect on why it went that way. This applies to life and I think if people were to adopt golf as a widespread sport and continue to grow it, it would be better for humanity." We sit down with Golf AI Creator Broderick Higby to learn how Artificial Intelligence is making golf improvement and swing analysis accessible for everyone.

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    Sharing Stories From Her Journey As A New Golfer - Alissa Kacar @newladygolfer

    December 23rd, 2020  |  Season 8  |  31 mins 26 secs
    alissa kacar, beginner golf, cameron smith, entrepreneurship, future of golf, golf, golf channel, innovation, instagram influencer, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, women entrepreneurs, womens golf

    “Whether you can hit the ball a mile or if you can barely hit it off the tee, you need to create an environment for newcomers to the game that is relaxed and fun. Otherwise it’s not going to keep people coming back. New golfer and social media host Alissa Kacar joins us to share her journey and thoughts on how to make the game more welcoming for everyone.

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    Building Resiliency By Expressing Gratitude and Celebrating The Small Wins - Nick Steiner, Founder of Back2Basics Golf

    December 16th, 2020  |  Season 8  |  31 mins 31 secs
    back2basics golf, cameron smith, entrepreneurship, future of golf, golf, golf channel, innovation, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, nick steiner, pro path putting mirror

    "Acquisition and other milestones down the road, that's what we are striving for but when we look back and connect the dots, it’s the little moments that led you there, it’s the breakthroughs that you had, it’s the hard things that you got over that make the entire process worth it." We sit down with Back2Basics Golf Founder Nick Steiner to hear insights from his entrepreneurial journey that has taken him from San Diego scooter culture to Australia's Gold Coast.

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    Breaking Down Barriers In Golf By Engaging The Unengaged - Charles Dillahunt, The PGA of America

    December 9th, 2020  |  Season 8  |  40 mins 18 secs
    charles dillahunt, diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, future of golf, gina rizzi, golf, golf channel, innovation, jobmatch, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, pga of america, pga tour, pga works, radius sports, sandy cross, seth waugh, vendormatch

    How can eSports, Sneakerhead culture and a 17th century French philosopher shape one’s worldview on how to make golf more welcoming and inclusive for under-represented communities? After listening to our engaging conversation with The PGA of America’s Charles Dillahunt you will learn how.

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    Creating The Next Generation of Golf Entertainment Experiences - David Grieshaber, Gamerz Golf

    December 2nd, 2020  |  Season 8  |  36 mins 36 secs
    architectural design, architecture, david grieshaber, entrepreneurship, future of golf, gamerz golf, golf, golf channel, innovation, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, pga tour, sustainable design, topgolf

    How do you create new value in the expanding $10 billion golf entertainment sector? Our host Colin Weston sits down with entrepreneur, investor and Gamerz Golf CIO David Grieshaber to learn they are combining mobile gaming, user experience design, augmented reality, environmental sustainability, eSports and architectural design to create the next generation of Golf Entertainment Centers.

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    How A Human-Centered Design Approach Leads To Innovative Golf Products - Scott Moore / Garmin International

    November 17th, 2020  |  Season 8  |  29 mins 23 secs
    approach s62, entrepreneurship, future of golf, garmin, golf, golf channel, gps laser range finder, innovation, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, pga tour, scott moore, smart watch, sport tech, sport wearables

    When we come up with a product concept, we always ask the question “Why Garmin?”. Why is someone going to buy this over our competitors? That mentally is engrained in everybody here. If we don’t have a “Why Garmin?” then why are we even proposing to make this? Scott Moore - Golf Product Manager at Garmin International joins us to share how their human-centered design approach leads to creation of innovative golf products that customers love.

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    Powering PGA Tour Fan Engagement To Expand Tournament Viewership - Reid Fowler / DraftKings PGA Analyst

    November 9th, 2020  |  Season 8  |  39 mins 41 secs
    draftkings, entrepreneurship, fantasy golf, future of golf, golf, golf channel, innovation, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, pga tour, reid fowler, sport tech

    “How do you capture engaging PGA Tour golf content without spending a ton of money on infrastructure and technology?" Host Colin Weston speaks with DraftKings PGA Fantasy Sports & Betting Analyst Reid Fowler as he shares how they create fun, memorable experiences for every demographic of sports fan.

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    Applying a Startup Mindset To Innovate Club Experiences - Robert Sereci, Medinah Country Club

    October 26th, 2020  |  Season 8  |  42 mins 53 secs
    entrepreneurship, experience design, future of golf, golf, golf channel, golf women, innovation, medinah, medinah country club, modgolf, modgolfpodcast, ngcoa, pga, pga show, robert sereci, we are golf

    "So for as many ideas that have succeeded we have an equal amount that have failed. But you know what, it’s okay. We want our employees and our team to think outside the box because just like I have a safety net, I want to provide them with a safety net as well.” Host Colin Weston speaks with Medinah Country Club GM/COO Robert Sereci to learn how he took an innovator's mindset to transform the iconic golf venue to become a vibrant, welcoming, experience-based community.

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    Harnessing A Love For Golf To Fuel Their Entrepreneurial Hustle - Is and Kat Shee / Shee Golfs (084)

    October 13th, 2020  |  Season 8  |  35 mins 12 secs
    #growgolf, buffalo agency, entrepreneurship, future of golf, golf, golf channel, golf influencer, golf podcast, golf wire, golf women, golfholics, innovation, is golf, is shee, kat shee, modgolf, modgolf podcast, modgolfpodcast, morning read, pga, pga show, shee golfs, usga, we are golf, youtube golf

    On this fun and fast-paced episode, Colin sits down with Is and Kat Shee - aka The Shee Sisters - to talk about the creation of their "Shee Golfs" YouTube channel, building sock and apparel brands from scratch, and the connection between entrepreneurship, golf, yoga and friendship.