Charlie Watson, CEO at Tiidal Gaming & Lazarus Esports

Special guest

Esports pioneer and executive with 12 years of gaming industry experience Charlie brings professional business expertise and management in diverse markets and high level recruitment prowess to the company.

Founded SetToDestroyX in 2010, Watson has owned and operated Canada’s first esports team/brand (now named Lazarus Esports) and has moved rapidly up the global ranks in the last 3 years and is the highest earning esports team in Canada, while also being ranked 8th in North American and 29th in the World.

Charlie and the brand have been featured in over 500 articles and national television appearances, including CBC’s “On The Money” with Peter Armstrong. Mr. Watson has also been a champion in the collegiate esports scene acting as Lead Consultant for several College and University Esports initiatives, Programs and Arenas in North America and developing Canada’s first accredited esports program with Lambton College in 2017.

Charlie has also consulted with numerous games developers, publishers, tournament organizers, production companies, esports bars and not-for-profit groups around the world in gaming/esports and currently sits on numerous collegiate PAC committees in Canada.

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The #VIRLShowdown finals took place on May 3rd 2021 and we are excited to be part of Golf Esports tournament growth worldwide!

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