Martin Wyeth - Founder & CEO at Power Tee

Special guest

An Inventor at heart, Martin built the first power tee in 1992 to help golfers of all abilities to hone their skills without the mental and physical interruption of teeing up the ball. Since then the concept and company have grown to international acceptance and widespread use. Martin loves working with small businesses and helping driving ranges to grow their revenue.

Power Tee has a profound effect on children and beginners in golf and tees up around 6 million balls per day. Power Tee is endorsed by Jim Furyk and Mitchell Spearman, one of the most respected golf coaches in the world. PGA pros have been teeing the ball up for their students for decades to help move their students along. Power Tee now allows teachers to set up their student once and then observe them swinging from multiple viewing angles.

Want to see Power Tee in action? Check out their website and short demo video:

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