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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Create Amazing Experiences - Ron Powers / Topgolf (001)

May 8th, 2017

Topgolf has created the "convenient and fun delivery system for golf" that eliminates all the barriers to entry the game has suffered from for decades. No complaints of "too slow, too expensive, too hard to learn" at a Topgolf venue. Topgolf has created an entertainment experience that combines hospitality, music, food and drinks with their unique target-based gameplay format that appeals to both the beginner and veteran golfers of all ages.

Topgolf currently has 40 venue locations in the US that generated over 10 million guest visits in 2017, with ambitious plans to expand to over 50 venues over the next three years. Topgolf has created the secret sauce that connects a younger audience to golf, but they're definitely not growing complacent over that success. Ron discusses how their cultural values, entrepreneurial spirit and passion to innovate pushes them to evolve and expand.

Ron Powers

In this episode we discuss Topgolf's newest innovations and initiatives:

• Their stadium-based mobile experience called Topgolf Crush
The Topgolf Tour, their two player team competition format that anyone can sign up for
• Topgolf International expansion plans, starting with Australia and Mexico
• how the acquisition of both Protracer and WGT Media help transform an entertainment company into a technology and media juggernaut
• Hotel-based Topgolf simulator experience called Topgolf Swing Suite
• Their charity endeavors and culture of "giving back" to benefit the communities which they operate in

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