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The Future of Golf is a Dial Not a Switch - Darren Dummit, CEO ofGolfStream (003)

May 23rd, 2017

Darren Dummit, CEO and co-founder of GolfStream Inc. has created "The world's first indoor laser golf course and private lounge". After building, testing and refining their prototype in their LA warehouse space, GolfStream struck a partnership deal with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to open their first commercial "golf suite". We suggest taking a look at the GolfStream trailer video to fully grasp the fun experience they've created.

In this episode we discuss GolfStream's innovations, initiatives and go-to-market strategies such as:

• What is GolfStream and what was the motivation to create it.

• The business opportunity and gap in the golf marketplace that GolfStream is poised to capture.

• The importance of strategic partnerships in order to move your technology forward as a commercially successful enterprise.

• GolfStream's first location in Level Up at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas

• The emergence of "skills-based gaming" that casinos are exploring to align with the lifestyle desires of a younger demographic and GolfStream's opportunity to both participate and benefit from this initiative.

• Future business opportunities for GolfStream, such as partnering with the Major Series of Putting (MSOP) and major league sport stadiums.

You can learn more about GolfStream at: and [email protected]
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