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Harnessing The Power Of Music To Reach A New Golf Audience - Kelley James (008)

June 27th, 2017

Kelley James is a musician, singer, songwriter and freestyle artist who's passion for golf has put him in the unique and influential position to connect his audience to the game he loves. Kelley believes the future of golf will be healthy and strong as the convergence of entertainment, music and sport competition continues to grow.

What you will learn from this episode:

• Kelley's early love of sport and music that has shaped his career in the music entertainment industry.
• How Kelley connected with some of the PGA Tour's biggest stars to transform his music career and help make him the golf ambassador and influencer he is today.
• How the WM Phoenix Open became the trailblazing pioneer that sets the standard for creating entertainment experiences around a golf tournament.

  • The inter-connectivity of music, food, hospitality and unique, engaging experiences that combine to create the future of both on-site and broadcast golf content creation. • How other PGA Tour events such as The Safeway Open in Napa understands the revenue potential of "Creating a party that just happens to have a golf tournament going on at the same time".

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