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The courage to innovate during tumultuous times - Bryan Crawford, RBC Canadian Open Tournament Director

August 24th, 2021

"I've always been in the camp of we'll return to pre-pandemic conditions because as humans we crave that interaction of shared experiences. That is what we strive to deliver with The RBC Canadian Open."

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You can learn more about Bryan on his bio page.

Show Notes and Bryan Quotes
"We have created something that we feel really strongly about once we have the opportunity to come back in 2022 we are excited to be able to run with it. We drive over 82 million dollars of economic activity, never mind the two million that we give to charity and community organizations that we work with. So there's recognition of how important those are in providing support to organizations like ourselves to invest in new enhancements, which is wildly beneficial to an organization like ours that would otherwise have to do it much more slowly or perhaps not at all."