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How To Turn Your "AHA Moment" Into A Scaleable Business Venture - Tom Cox, Co-Founder & CEO of

August 31st, 2021

"My AHA moment came when I met with the guys diving for lost golf balls in the lakes at the course I was managing, followed by our website developer for the golf club. I thought "what if I combine the divers to provide the product and the web developers to build an e-commerce platform to start selling used golf balls online?" That was the launch in 1995 that set the foundation for We took our hobby and turned it into a minimum viable business and it has continued to grow annually since then."

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Show Notes and Tom Quotes
"I'm an unlikely entrepreneur as my parents worked in government so I thought that was my destiny. A friend got me a job at a country club, giving me the opportunity to hang out with and learn from business owners and entrepreneurs which activated this dormant entrepreneurial gene inside of me. Those encounters gave me the confidence and inspiration that led to embracing an entrepreneurial mindset."

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