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Turning a $3 weekly golf buddy bet into a scaleable business venture - Tom Naramore, CEO at

March 28th, 2022

"There is a standard side game that many people play called the Nassau bet. There's a wager on the front nine, a separate wager on the back nine and then you add them both together in match play and whoever wins the most holes wins the overall. So it's three separate bets. Craig and I used to play a dollar-dollar-dollar game. That's what we would call it on the first hole. He'd walk up, look at me and say "dollar-dollar-dollar?" and I'd respond "Absolutely!"
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"I had software clients out golfing at the same time that (my now Co-Founder) Craig had financial clients out and we serendipitously wound up at the same restaurant. He saw me, walked up and said, "hey, we should have been able to play our dollar-dollar-dollar game on two different courses" and I snap answered him and said, "Man, I can build that, that's a mobile app. No problem!"
...Tom Naramore, CEO at

"I met a gentleman by the name of Peter Meng and he spent half an hour showing me his tech. Afterwards all I said to him was, "What do you think about a virtual wallet in a mobile app, two guys playing golf either on the same or different courses? They play, the app does all the math and then the app sends the money to the winner." And that's all I said to him. 24 hours later he called me back. He wrote a business plan, a technical road map for me, a basic marketing plan and voila, the company was started."

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Want to learn more about Tom and D3Golf? Visit their website to see how D3Golf has created the mobile app for monetary side games on your local golf course or remotely with players around the country.

You can learn more about and connect with Tom on his bio page.

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