The ModGolf Podcast

Connecting Golfers With Likeminded Playing Partners - Kat Ramirez, Founder of Golfing Buddy

December 8th, 2022

"They did not make me feel like I was part of our foursome. I felt like the outsider who wasn't good enough. It's bad enough that women already feel like they're not worthy in the golf world. If you have one bad experience, you're never gonna go back. You're not." - Kat Ramirez, Founder of Golfing Buddy

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"Why would you allow yourself to be compromised or up against something like that? Golf is a great game to get to know people. That's why people go on the golf course and get to know other people and spend four hours with that person. It's because they want to get to know them and really have a good time, not to be feeling like you're not good enough. So Golfing Buddy was created to empower people to find other people just like them to go play golf with."

Golfing Buddy was created for a couple of reasons:

• to help Women, Minorities, Veterans and Juniors play more golf without feeling intimidated at the course by being uncomfortably paired with people they don’t want to play with.
• to help people like Kat's boyfriend find other golfers to play golf with so they can play more golf with fun, likeminded people.
• to help golf facilities get more people paired up to play at their course with the type of people they want to play with.

Click on the image below to watch our extended conversation with Kat on our Youtube Channel!

"It was a summer weekend in Midwest Milwaukee and fabulous outside, but I had to get a project done I couldn't get out and play. My boyfriend wanted to get out and play so badly. He called all of his buddies but no one could get out to join him for a round. He was pouting and moping around the house and I felt really bad for him so I said, "hey wouldn’t it be awesome if we had an app or website where you could find a golfing buddy?" And BING BING BING Golfing Buddy was born!"

You can also connect with Kat on her bio page, along with checking out the Golfing Buddy website.


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