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Celebrating Over 25 Years in Golf Radio - Danielle Tucker, Creator and Host of The Golf Club Radio Show

October 2nd, 2023

"I'm not sure that I discovered it, but I let out the part of me that loves to communicate with people. The part of me that likes to talk and learn about people, places and things, what they do and incorporate some of the wisdom they have that I may not have even thought of."

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"That's the beauty of people coming together and in radio it is minds working with minds. There's no physical interaction. There's no "I see you, you see me!" And there's triggers, things that happen that are Kismet. "Oh wow, you did that?", or "I never thought about that. That's very interesting!" Isn't that the beauty of the whole game?"

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"You never know what you're going to come across on a golf course with people. You find out things about yourself through the game of golf like "God, give yourself a break!"

Episode Chapters
[02:30] We open the show with Danielle providing an overview of The Golf Club Radio Show
[04:50] Danielle shares her first ever golf experience and who introduced her to the game
[09:45] We learn how Danielle ended up in Hawaii by way of New York and London
[13:00] The early years of Danielle's journalism career in TV and radio that led to the opportunity to host a golf-themed show
[16:00] How the Golf Club Radio Show came into existence and the people that helped make it happen
[20:00] We learn about what motivates Danielle to energetically continue creating her weekly show after 25 years
[21:30] Colin and Danielle share stories about having fun and not taking golf so seriously when things aren't going well
[25:00] The disparity in prize money between The PGA and LPGA Tours are what they can learn from professional tennis
[26:10] Danielle talks about the challenges and the opportunities of being a women in the golf media living in Hawaii
[31:20] We talk about the power of surrounding yourself with positive people, which leads to a conversation about previous guest Claude Brousseau
[33:00] Danielle shares her perspective on how recovery from the devastating fire in Lahaina on Maui is impacting daily life, tourism and golf

To learn more about Danielle and listen to The Golf Club Radio Show, check out their website.

You can also connect with Danielle on her bio page.

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