The ModGolf Podcast

Scaling a Golf Startup With Partnerships - Nick Conrad, Founder of Twilight Golf Association

December 30th, 2022

"I quickly realized that golf is a great equalizer sport where people with different ages and skill levels can all coexist on the course at the same time. No matter if you're a really skilled player or a new beginner, everyone's always working on something and has that common thread of constant improvement."... Twilight Golf Association Founder Nick Conrad


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"I thought it wasn't crazy that you could pull together lots of strangers and create a league out of it. That it didn't have to always be based on gender or senior groups or for players of a certain skill level, which is how fragmented most leagues are. That it really can work just like public golf. If could you allow those people that regularly fill out the tee sheet to create organized games, that really would resonate. At the most fundamental level Twilight Golf is taking the folks who normally want to play during their available hours and trying to structure it where there can be a reason to keep them coming back."

Episode Chapters
[02:16] Nick shares how he was introduced to the game and describes his first golf experience.
[06:48] Colin asks Nick "what was the WORST job you ever had and what positives did you take away from it?"
[09:50] Nick' gives us the "elevator pitch" for Twilight Golf Association of what they do and why they do it.
[15:00] Nick shares the origin story of Twilight Golf Association and the "AHA moment" that led to creating their first pilot program.
[20:50] We learn how Nick got buy-in from golf courses to partner with Twilight Golf and the value proposition he offered them.
[23:48] Nick tells us about their pricing model and the befenits Twilight Golf members receive by being part of their community.
[28:32] Nick shares how and why Twilight Golf Association became part of Golf Genius Software and the value of this partnership.

Click on the image below to watch our extended conversation with Nick on our Youtube Channel!

You can also connect with Nick on his bio page, along with checking out the Twilight Golf Association website.


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